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During the day Design ideas were exchanged in the ski lift and at night new sketches were worked on and orders packed. That worked: The initial production for family and friends quickly became a well-known winter ayx官网|爱游戏电竞|爱游戏客户端 brand, which today convinces with a mix of performance and style in the areas of winter ayx官网|爱游戏电竞|爱游戏客户端, outdoor and running.


1986 the three skiers Stefan Engstörm, Peter Blom and Christer Martensson were confronted with the question why nobody actually produces the clothes that meet their demands: Ski trousers and jackets with extraordinary functionality in a simple cool design. The wish of the three ski fans to spend more time in their favourite ski resort Åre has also been there for a long time. The solution: Peak Performance.

From the very beginning, the company was shaped by what was important to the founders. Modern designs, the best technical solutions and highest quality. With this strategy the three surpassed everything they had expected and overstrained the small post office of the city. They moved their headquarters to Stockholm and in only 10 years made the company a popular place to go for high-quality skiwear.



  • Professional Input: The roots of the Peak founders lie on the ski slope - so they know what matters when it comes to functionality.
  • Durability: The use of hard-wearing materials makes the products long-lasting ayx官网|爱游戏电竞|爱游戏客户端 companions.
  • Environmental Protection: Out of love for nature, the focus is on environmentally friendly production methods.


The desire to be more outdoors than indoors. That's what Peak Performance is all about. And this is also the motto of the Peak Performance Team. The founders: A world class mogul skier, the chief editor of Sweden's biggest ski magazine and a alpine skier and ski dealer. A designer, which stands on more than 60 days in the year on the ski and the finance executive committee, a former Swedish Freestyle master . These types are genuine originals. And this also makes itself felt in the conception of the clothing: Sophisticated, functional, not too conspicuous and yet with that certain something.


"We value resources. We hate garbage." - The Swedish outdoor company has made it its business to preserve our environment in the long term and is therefore committed to sustainable production of its collections. On the one hand, this is based on the design of durable clothing and contemporary cuts that you want to wear for a long time. And on the other hand on the resources used. For example, care is taken to ensure that the use of chemicals in clothing is carefully monitored and minimised. Also the animal protection is the focus of the Peak Performance Shop and the use of skins, down and feathers is subject to strict regulations.


"We operate in both worlds, fashion and ayx官网|爱游戏电竞|爱游戏客户端wear". The active collection, for example, is characteristic of this. It is tailor-made to switch between urban everyday life and adventure in nature. The collection contains products for training, running and hiking which can be used individually. More and more the Scandinavian brand tries to cover the aspects of modern life with its products. A everyday life in an urban environment. The Peak team tries to make the most of the available possibilities by being prepared for everything. Whether on the piste, on the road, on the mountain or on the way to work.


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